Getting a DUI is upsetting.   You may  feel like you were driving fine and you just got pulled over out of nowhere.  Next thing you know, the officer is rushing you through a bunch of so called “field sobriety tests” and making you perform balancing acts that you would never do in real life.  Then there is the shock of being arrested and being taken to the police station.   Unfortunately that is only the beginning.  After the arrest there are license suspension problems, interlock requirements and court proceedings.  Many people charged with a DUI have never been to court before and are experiencing a great deal of stress about their case.  Most of my clients are hard working, responsible people who have just found themselves in a difficult situation.


I have represented individuals charged with DUI’s for over twenty five years in courts throughout Washington State.   I have the experience and knowledge to effectively organize a strategy for your case and advise you on the next steps you should take.   While every case is unique, and no attorney can guarantee a specific result,  my years of DUI and criminal defense experience have resulted in many favorable outcomes for my clients.

” I was facing a charge where I was feeling a lot of anxiety about the outcome.  Mark Lee assured me that he would provide his best professional efforts.   When my case was called at Court and I went in front of the Judge, Mark persuaded the Judge to dismiss my case.  I felt so relieved.  Thanks Mark!”  Anna


You can retain my services and I will go on record with the court as your attorney for $900 down involving a gross misdemeanor DUI charge.  The balance of the fee depends on whether the case is set for trial or not.   Payment plans are available.    I  provide effective, skilled DUI defense services to my clients at affordable rates.

The majority of DUIs are resolved without a trial.   From years of experience I have learned how to negotiate a case to get the best chance of a favorable outcome for you.   Every case is different and no attorney can give a guaranteed result.   However,  in some cases I have had DUIs that have breath or blood readings  that are several times the legal limit reduced to Negligent Driving with no jail and no mandatory license suspension. Representation  at the administrative  driver license suspension hearing is also included.

 Even though most cases are  resolved without a trial, there are times when a settlement cannot be reached  and the case  goes to trial.  In a DUI  case the prosecutor will usually put on several witnesses including the arresting officer,  the state toxicologist and the breath test technician.  I have tried numerous DUI cases and have extensive experience in cross examining the prosecution  witnesses.  Most DUIs also involve motions to suppress evidence. Motions to suppress can be based on lack of probable to stop, failure to provide proper Miranda warnings and a wide range of other issues.  I stay updated on  the latest cutting edge case law and science behind the breath and blood tests, and have broad knowledge of DUI law based on over 20 years of experience.    If your case goes to trial that is also included in the $2000 flat fee.

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