Great Result With Mark Lee!

“Mark Lee was first contacted by a family member. She had a good feeling right away. Mark gave detailed helpful answers , and really understood what I was going through with my charge. Mark got on the case right away, and got my criminal charge dismissed at the first court appearance. I am very happy with the result and Mark Lee’s services.” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

Good Result from a Straightforward Attorney.

“I had a court hearing where I was facing a possible stiff jail sentence. This could have caused major problems with my job and career goals. Mark persuaded the Judge to allow community service as an option. Mark gave me straightforward advice that I needed to hear when I was preparing for the hearing. I am pleased with the result and appreciate his services. ” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)


“Mark Lee did a fantastic job of representing me in court. He had thorough knowledge of the court procedure and the law. Mark provided me with clear communications about my case. He stayed on top of things when I needed to get papers filed with the court and followed through. I am very pleased with Mark’s services.” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

A lawyer who listens

“Mark took the time to listen  and get the full story of my case.  He was caring and understanding about what I was going through, and fought hard for my rights.   I highly recommend Mark Lee’s services.” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

Mark heard the needs of my case

“Mark Lee was pleasant and courteous to work with. He understood the concerns I had about my family and my future. Mark was accommodating, respectful, and communicated with me throughout the process. I am glad to recommend his services.” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

Outstanding service

“Mark was willing to go the extra mile in our case that involved some major consequences for my family and our future. He was polite and professional, and helped us get through some difficult circumstances. We appreciate Mark’s services and highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal help.” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)

Mark is a hard worker, great communicator and pays attention to details

“Mark put a lot of hard work and effort into my case.He was careful and attentive to detail, and pleasant to communicate with.  He followed through on the required procedures in my case and got the result I wanted. I am very pleased with the legal services that Mark provided.” (name withheld for confidentiality purposes)


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